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Historic Preservation

Evansville has a seven-member Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). Members are officially appointed by the Mayor; one member of the HPC is simultaneously a City Alderpeson.  The remaining six HPC members are citizen members.  

The Historic Preservation Commission takes on tasks including review of Applications for a Certificate of Appropriateness and Sign Permits for historic properties.  The Commission also serves to inform and educate the residents on matters regarding preservation.

The Committee typically meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm in City Hall; 31 S. Madison Street, Evansville WI.  


Commission Members



Dan Stephens

Chairperson and Citizen Member

Steve Culbertson

Vice-Chairperson and Citizen Member

Cheryl Doerfer 

Secretary and Citizen Member

Joy Morrison


Steve Christens

Citizen Member

Matt Koser

Citizen Member

Gene Lewis

Citizen Member


The Common Council of the City of Evansville currently has one (1) Council member seat open in District #1 due to resignation and one (1) Council member seat vacating in District #3 on May 15th, 2020. In an effort to move forward with a full eight (8) member council, it has been determined that the vacant seats will be filled by appointment in accordance with WI State Statutes.

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Meet Our Staff


Jason Sergeant

Community Development Director