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Research has shown that street trees provide real, quantifiable value for the community. Since 2001, the City of Evansville has been designated as a 'Tree City USA' by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

National Arbor Day

Friday, April 28th 2023

Arbor Day is observed in spring for the United States but globally dates vary depending on the region's climate and planting season. It is a holiday to encourage people to plant and care for trees.


2023 Terrace Tree Order Form


Arbor Day and the World

Close to around 50 countries around the world celebrate Arbor Day with the holiday celebrated during tree planting season (spring) depending on where the country is located geographically and weather is in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.






No person, contractor or non-agent of the Municipal Services Department shall remove or cause harm to a terrace tree.  If you require a tree to be removed you must first contact the Public Works Department.  Failure to receive permission can result in fines, penalties and replacement costs to the home owner responsible for the terrace tree. 

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