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Request Parking Citation Review

Complete this form only if you feel the citation was issued in error. If your vehicle was illegally parked, then your request will be denied.

Request Parking Citation Review


Examples of citations issued in error are:

  • Vehicles exempted by state statute.
  • Vehicles that are illegally parked due to a documented medical emergency.
  • You have previously notified the Evansville Police Department of a vehicle breakdown.

You may not fill out this form if:

  • You have received a Final Notice.
  • You have been notified by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation that your vehicle registration has been suspended.

Paying A Parking Ticket

If you have received a FINAL NOTICE, you must pay the amount shown on the FINAL NOTICE, or request a Court date to contest the citation. The parking ticket will be reissued with a Uniform Traffic Citation. The Citation will include Court costs that will increase the fine amount. These costs cannot be removed once the citation is issued. If you do not prevail in court, then you will be responsible for these costs.


If you wish to simply pay the ticket, bring your parking ticket to the Evansville Police Station.  If you do not have the ticket with you, you will have to go to the Police Station to retrieve a copy and pay there. 


  • Police Station - 10 W Church Street, PO Box 529, Evansville WI, 53536.  Phone: 608-882-2292
  • City Hall - 31 S Madison Street, PO Box 529, Evansville WI, 53536.  Phone: 608-882-2266 option 1



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Ordinance 122 - All Traffic & Parking



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