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Municipal Utility

Evansville Water & Light


The City of Evansville Municipal Utility provides water to nearly 2,000 customers and electric to nearly 4,000 customers.  The City operates three wells, one tower, and many miles of water line to service all of our residents in Evansville.  The Electric Utility purchases power from WPPI and distributes electricity to Evansville residents and the surrounding area.  

In modern times it is easy to take for granted the idea of a public water and electric supply, but that has not always been the case.  Starting in 1885 there were many proposals for the creation and installation of a public water system for health benefits, fire protection and industrial growth.  These proposals did not pass the village board at the time and they continued to use cisterns throughout the community.  At the same time electricity in the community was provided by Baker Manufacturing.  In July of 1901 the residents of Evansville voted to create City run water and electric utility.  Now we have reliable water and electric supply for all of our residents in Evansville and we shall continue to provide quality and reliable service for many years to come.    

Reporting a Power Outage? 

(608) 882-2288




Hydrant and Main Flushing Spring 2022

Evansville Water & Light will be flushing water mains starting on Monday, May 9th and anticipate completion by Friday, July 1st. Flushing is done twice per year to check hydrants and remove sediments from the water mains. You may experience some dark water while flushing the mains in your neighborhood. To prevent this, it is best not to run water while we are flushing in your area. After the flushing has been completed, if you experience discolored water, turn on your cold water taps until the water runs clear.

When we are flushing in your area it is recommended that you do not wash clothes during this time. Before using your hot water, check your cold water first to ensure that it's running clear to help prevent sediment from entering your hot water heater.

This spring we are using a new directional flushing plan to create higher flow through the pipes to remove more sediment from the system. This method is more thorough and takes more time. Because of the added complexities, we will not be able to provide an advanced schedule of streets as we have in the past. We will do our best to notify residents when we will be in their area through our city website a few days before those areas will be flushed. On days we are flushing we will not begin until 9am and will finish before 3pm.

Attached is a city map of each phase in which the directional flushing will take place. Larger phases may take several weeks to complete due to the complexities of the directional flushing.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call City Hall at 608-882-2266. You can also visit the city's website water page at

Click here for the Spring Flushing Map


Energy Assistance Information

The Winter Moratorium on Disconnections for Residential Services ends April 15, 2022
Please contact the Evansville Water & Light for more information. 608-882-2266 option 1


























Advanced Meters

You may have heard information recently about advanced meters—sometimes referred to as "smart meters".  Many electric and water utilities, including your own Evansville Water & Light, are making use of this technology. Are you wondering what this industry shift means for you in Evansville?


Click here for answers to some frequently asked questions. 


Time-of-Day Pricing

You may be able to reduce your monthly bill simply by being flexible and using electricity at the right time of day. The optional plan lets you take advantage of lower electric rates during times when overall demand for electricity is lowest. 

Click here for more information 

To schedule your meter change please call 608-882-2266.


Evansville Utility Account Policy and Procedure Manual - Customer Policy



Focus on Energy 

Focus on Energy partners with Evansville Water & Light to deliver real, measurable energy and financial savings for Wisconsin’s residents and businesses. In fact, since 2011 Focus on Energy has delivered more than $1 billion worth of net economic benefits to the state of Wisconsin. Check out the offerings below to see how you can start saving energy and money with Focus on Energy.

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