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Current Applications

These items will be discussed at the next Plan Commission meeting on October 4, 2022. An agenda and packet for that meeting will be posted on this pageat least one day before the meeting. Please direct any questions or comments to or call 608-882-2263 for more details.

511 E. Main


2022-0018 Conditional Use Permit Application



2022-0017 Variance Application 



Public Hearing Notice


Brief Summary: An application to divide the buildings on site into separate legal lots was approved by the Plan Commission in August. This has resulted in a duplex unit on a parcel zoned B-1. Duplexes are conditional uses in the B-1 district and the existing building predates the current zoning code. In addition, the newly created lot that the duplex sits on is non-conforming. A variance will acknowledge that the lot does not meet the City's standards for residential uses in the B-1 district but that the City acknowledges that there are unusual and extenuating circumstances that prevent the site from conforming to zoning standards.

1 E. Main Street - Slice Golf


2022-0239 Site Plan Application  



2022-0240 Conditional Use Permit Application



Public Hearing Notice


Summary: A site plan and conditional use permit to open a golf simulator business in the B-1 zoning district. Applicant is also proposing outdoor drinking and dining on the sidewalk directly in front of the building.

781-785 Brown School Road

2022-0250 - CUP for Mixed Use Residential/Commercial

2022-0251 - CUP for Light Industrial Incidental to Sales

2022-0252 - Site Plan


Updated Site Plan



Updated Building Elevations



Public Hearing Notice 


Summary: The applicants originally applied for a site plan and conditional use permits in 2018. The existing site layout and plan did not result in what was originally submitted and included a third building on site. Additionally, both conditional use permits have expired. Reapplying for the uses would allow the Plan Commission to approve the site as-is. The ultimate goal of both parties is to move forward to enable the third building to be built, potentially by another owner.

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