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Utility Rates

How to check your utility bill for errors

Currently the City is going through an Advance Metering (AMI) overhaul.  Through this conversion there have been some system errors in the billing software and we want all of our utility customers to know if their bills are correct.   Most errors are spotted prior to the bills being printed, but not all can be caught so a few may pass through.  These errors are not in the meters, but in the billing system.  Meters are designed to only go slower.  The example utility bills below have useful information to help you understand your bill and double check it is correct.  These examples are for typical residential accounts.   If you feel your bill is in error, please contact City Hall 608-882-2266.

If a billing error has occurred, we will be able to determine any and all amounts over and under billed.  Any over charges will be credited back to the account.  

As with all utilities rates must be imposed and altered from time to time. As a customer you will see a variety of charges. The main utility charges on your bill will include stormwater fee, water use, sewer use and electric use. Below are documents and links showing what the charges are, how rates were determined and your rights as a consumer.

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