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Consumer Confidence Reports

The City of Evansville is required to have their water quality and sewer discharge tested regularly. Below are a list of the various quality tests and reports that have been completed over the past few years.

Notice 09-18-17 - The City of Evansville recently had one sample out of many samples from Well #1 exceed the acceptable levels of radium.  This amount was a spike from what has been consistently low levels in past tests.  Due to this increase, with no explanation or known changes in Well #1, the City shut Well #1 down immediately and used Well #3 exclusively.  The City sent new samples to the state lab and the results from the state lab were as expected; we are within regulatory levels.  The first test sent to a different lab turned out to be an anomaly.  Regardless of whether the first test was an accurate account of the water at that time; the sample became contaminated; or an error was made in the lab, we still had to post the first results.  The water aquifer here does naturally have low levels of radium that are below the state standard, and the state standard is well below what could have a negative health impact.


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Chad Renly

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