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Found Property


Below are a list of items that were turned into the Police Department.

If you believe that any of the items are yours, you can claim them by contacting the police department at 608-882-2292.

Date:               September 22nd, 2019

Re:                   Found and/or Abandoned Property

Authority:       Pursuant Evansville Police Policy 11.02: MAINTENANCE OF EVIDENCE/ PROPERTY

The following list of property below is posted at Evansville city hall, the Evansville police department and on the city website.

The Evansville Police Department has determined that cost/value of each item listed below is valued at more than $25.00, and therefore the Police Department is required to post a notice in two public places within the city limits for 90 days. The 90 day time clock starts once the notice of the item(s) is posted and must remain posted for 90 days.

After the notice has been posted for 90 days, the unclaimed item(s) becomes the property of the city of Evansville and can be disposed of in any matter the city determines.

The purpose of this posting is to make a reasonable effort to return the property to its lawful owner. Any person that believes they may be the owner of any of the property listed below is encouraged to contact the Evansville Police Department immediately by calling 608-882-2292.

Bicycle Inventory 09/22/19

Case #            Description                             Date Recovered

EV1905657         Graco stroller black/tan                      06/04/19
EV1909870         Blue/White Next bike                         09/08/19
EV1909870         Pink/Gray heart throb girls bike         09/08/19
EV1907714         Black/Green Mongoose                      07/22/19
EV1907792         Purple Roadmaster                              07/23/19
EV1908517         Silver/Red Mongoose                          08/08/19
EV1905739         Black Mongoose w/ green lock           06/06/19
EV1905652         Black GT Bullet                                  06/04/19
EV1909601         Orange Firestorm bike                        09/01/19
EV1902251         Blue/White Ambush                           03/04/19
EV1905739         Black Atra bike                                   06/06/19
EV1905739        Orange "rock it" Huffy                         06/06/19
EV1904109        Blue spray painted bike                        04/26/19
EV1906703        Girl Schwinn childs bike                      06/28/19
EV1810432        Red Schwinn frontier bike                    10/03/18
EV1903993        Black Schwinn bike                              04/23/19