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Refuse and Recycling

The City of Evansville contracts all refuse and recycling with Advance Disposal.  Collections are Tuesdays and Thursdays depending on your location.  If you have issues with solid waste collection please contact Advance Disposal 920-563-4505.  

The City of Evansville provides a yard waste collection program and drop off location.  Collection of branches, brush and yard waste debris is scheduled from April to October, on the first (1st) full work week of the month.  All grass clipping and small yard waste must be placed in a paper bag or a container that can be emptied and placed back onto the parking area.  No plastic bags.    

Yard waste should not be raked or blown into the street other than during leaf collection times starting in October and ending by Thanksgiving; weather permitting.  Please be kind and blow your lawn clippings into your yard for natural decomposing.  When the lawn clippings clump together they create major clogs in the stormwater drainage system which can contribute to flash flooding and standing water in the streets.  

The yard waste drop off site is closed for the season.  Stay posted for new 2018 schedule.  

At this site you can dispose of grass clippings, leaves, branches and general yard waste. Location is 465 Water Street or right next to the Fire Station.  

We do not accept: Dimensional Lumber, Plastics, Hanging Baskets, Dirt and regular Garbage


Meet Our Staff


Chad Renly

Municipal Services Director