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The City of Evansville is seeking your vote on the November 3rd 2020 ballot. There are 3 choices on the ballot and your vote will determine the outcome of future recreational availability for a significant period of time. The first two options vote tally will be perceived as the approval of bonding for the project. The difference between the two options will help guide the Council on final location and available budget.


A majority vote in favor of the last option will be perceived as the public rejecting the concept of bonding and adjusting taxes to pay for either project.  


The referendum is not a vote on final design, just the concept of location and whether to spend the money.  Final designs, which have a significant cost to create, will come in 2021 if the public approves a location and the spending. 


Click here to view a sample ballot


The First Option is to have a new aquatic center at Westside Park.  This will likely be built on the planned 3rd soccer field in our original plan for Westside Park given the schedule of construction and ease of grading work that would be required.  Where the current aquatic center is a splash pad will be constructed so that a recreational water feature remains at a central location. Click Here for conceptual image.


The Second Option is to keep the aquatic center at its current location and build new on site.  This will close the pool down for one season at minimum and has a higher price tag due to the uncertainty of the costs for grading and limited space. Westside Park will be constructed as originally planned with a splash pad to provide a water feature on the west end of town. Click Here for conceptual image.


The Third Option is to do neither and not spend the money.  If this option received the total majority vote it will likely result in the closure of the current aquatic center and delay the construction of Westside Park. 


Survey Results - Aquatic Center Construction Design 


Referendum Budget 

- A break down of the costs and determining the amount residents will pay.


Citizen Mailer

- Flyer sent to all residents and occupants in the City limits.

-Click here to see the envelope to watch for.


2017 Condition Assessment

- A copy of the 2017 condition assessment can be found here. Pages of the original report were deleted to reduce size of the file to ease downloading the document. These pages were either intentionally blank or previous design concepts that have since been changed. 

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If you need to register to vote, request a ballot or know your polling location visit our Election Page here, call 608-882-2266 or visit City Hall at 31 S. Madison Street. 


July 1, 2020 City Hall is open to the public. 8am -11:30am and 1:00pm – 4:30pm, To protect the health of the public and staff due to limited space for social distancing we are limiting our front counter services to the most basic of needs.