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The City of Evansville has over 66 acres of park and recreation space with an additional 24 acres of recreation space within the Evansville School District.  Five neighborhood parks and open space, and the flagship Leonard Leota Park, comprise space available to people in the greater Evansville area.  In the heart of Leonard Leota Park is Lake Leota, a 40-acre, stream-fed body of water for canoeing, (limited) motorized boating (electric motors only), fishing, and ice-skating. The annual Fourth of July celebration is held here. In addition to Lake Leota, the Park also offers the following amenities: baseball and softball diamonds, basketball and tennis courts, hiking areas, picnic areas, playground areas in 4 locations, skate park, and the Veteran's Memorial Aquatic Center. 

West Side Park off of South 6th Street.  This park now has 25 acres.  The future use and development of this park is under review but currently has soccer fields, shelter, restrooms and play equipment.  Click Here to see the Westside Park Committee's report to the Evansville Park Board.  


Countryside Park, on N. Water Street is a small neighborhood park with a soccer field, play equipment, a basketball hoop and restrooms.


Franklin Park, at the corner of Main and South Union Street is a small neighborhood park with play equipment and basketball hoop.


Seminary Park, on South Fourth Street, near Church St surrounds the Seminary Apartments with open space and a labyrinth.  


Brzezinski Park, at the Corner of West Church and Crawford Streets is one of the smaller neighborhood parks with newly added ADA swings.


Wind Prairie Park, off South Second Street, near its junction with Old Hwy 92 has mowed trails in the summer and many natural features.